Q: How does it work?
A: 1. Choose a pair of panties from our online store
    2. Add to cart
    2. Pay and add shipping information
    3. Wait for item(s) to arrive in the mail
    4. Enjoy

Q: Why Sell used Panties?
A: We sell panties as way of SUPPLEMENTAL income and to EXERCISE our rights as women to do        what we want with our bodies.

Q: Who's wearing the underwear?
A: We currently only sell Garments worn by Cis-Females, However We will be adding a couple of          new categories soon

Q: How long do the girls wear the underwear?
A: All Underwear is worn for 3 days

Q: Why is your company better than private sellers?
A: We have a different format than other websites. It works for us and we hope that it will work for       you too.

Q: Is this an anonymous Transaction?
A: your bank statement should only say "C.Boutique" in transaction field.

Q: How can I sell my underwear?
A: Recruiting for Crease Boutique is currently closed but we will post on social media when we are      taking new submissions. please follow us @creaseboutique

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